Our brand, “Creative & Custom Temporary Tattoos” is a division of Ingenium Collective Corp., which is a Canadian owned & operated family business corporation.  
We are an innovative business corporation that takes the knowledge and benefits from our successful million dollar corporate operations such as our Tattoo Studio business and combines the creative designing process into the obvious next logical step, manufacturing Temporary Tattoos!  Here the absolute best resources and specific knowledge of actual Tattoos are used to create the best Temporary Tattoos.  When it comes to designing Tattoos, you can trust that we only manufacture safe product based upon  dedicated knowledge and skill.  We don't just claim to know the business, we are that business.  With stringent best practice policies and procedures for the both the permanent and temporary side of both our businesses, you can rest assured that the same care, attention and details are taken in creating, designing and making Custom Temporary Tattoos.  In Tattooing we adhere to very strictly and legally defined Health Board regulations and guidelines.  We proudly manufacture our work through Creative & Custom Temporary Tattoos Manufacturing Business Division.  Only safe and non toxic materials and medical grade adhesives are ever used - see our FAQ page for details on ingredients, or ask us directly for more information.


We approach each piece of work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs whether personal or business and your individual requirements and style.  We utilize only the best grade of products and our skills for designing are developed over years of training and experience.  We are also a uniquely personable company.  You can call us, chat or email with us anytime!  Unlike the "other guys", when you need us, we don't simply hide behind a website.  We are real people, doing work for you.  We will work with you, often at times well beyond usual "business" hours.  We know how important your idea, work or project is and we'll always stive to get it done as fast as humanly as possible.

If you have any questions, please 
contact us at [email protected]